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Christine Palmer

Christine picked up her dad's trumpet in 6th grade and hasn't looked back since. She grew up as an Army brat and has always loved traveling and exploring new ideas, both geographically and musically. She has earned Bachelor's degrees in Physics and Trumpet Performance from the College of St. Benedict, as well as a Master's in Trumpet Performance from the University of Colorado.  Christine has performed, taught, and composed around the country and has been involved with projects such as Pocket Watch, the Rats and People MN Silent Film Orchestra, Nova Jazz Orchestra, WMN Big Band, and McNasty Brass Band... every genre brings its own challenges and its own lovable foibles.  By day, she works at Harrelson Trumpets - making the most beautiful and efficient horns in existence.  She lives in Denver, CO, and in her free time loves to run around lakes and mountains, dance to Thriller, and brew stouts.

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